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Sozra Gallery Deborah and I
John & Deborah Sosnowsky Sozra Gallery of Jewelry Art & MusicDeborah and I would like to thank you for the support you have given us in the past and for your many compliments and good wishes. It makes us happy that you appreciate our creative endeavors and support our journey through life in Art. We have added to the site lots of new Jewelry, Johns 2D Art, & Music. There are over 200 plus Items for you to see, hear and collect. Return to our site regularly to see our increasing array of selections
Enjoy! : )

Thank you so much for supporting our creativity all these years.Because of you, we have been able to devote all our time to being full time artists for 30 years. The very best to all of you… Many Thanks, John and Debby Sosnowsky Sozra Studio