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> Carnelian

These carvings of John’s (Sozra) original designs are from gem quality deposits found in Brazil. The greatest myths surrounding the stone Carnelian, come from the Egyptian culture. The Egyptians so revered the power of the stone that it was one of three used most often in their jewelry. Egyptian folklore suggests that Carnelian was used to protect the traveler after death and guard against evil. Some Muslims called it the Mecca stone. Muhammad, himself, wore a seal of engraved carnelian, as did Napoleon. Carnelian is used for clear thinking. It is said to help balance creativity and mental processing. It is said to give courage to speak both boldly and well. Spiritualists also credit Carnelian with magnifying and bringing light to personal talents. It is thought that Carnelian teaches one to focus on the present during the moments in life when all one’s mental powers are necessary for success at a single, important task. It is a source of confidence, eloquence and inspiration. In the long-term, it bolsters ambition and drive and reminds the wearer of future goals, a powerful tool in major decision-making.