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Welcome to our page, ...amazing, yet another year on the adventure........Well the CyberMusic thought goes something like this .......

As the globe shrinks with the help of the web, cultures and technology mix, merging music as well. This union forms something new... The hope is that the WWW (Internet) is nurturing a potentially new category of music. A universal, borderless one, merging mind, spirit & machine. CyberMusic ~ a timeless music, a cybersound influenced by the past and the present and the future of music. Mixing the new sounds created by the progress of electronics, with traditional acoustic cultural sound. CyberMusic would then combine the new sounds and electronic rhythms with the global culture helped into existence by the web. The end result would be the creation of new music, ("Earth Music" if you wish), that creates a positive, enriching and uplifting newcultural personal experience for the listener...... whew, got it all in on one breath...Ya I know, sounds a little far out.

Just think, this is a new, very wide-open area, just like the WWW mix itself. This is the beauty of it. As you know, music is only one of the many catalyst in an age of change. There must be freedom to develop and grow. What better nursery than the web. It would be great if everyone would spin his or her own interpretation. If everyone threw an idea into the bowl, it would be wonderful to see what the web could create. In the end, maybe a new category for Internet inspired music could emerge. Yes I know labeling is a bummer but hey...the search engines need something to look for. The responses so far range from "Fabulous" to, "you're off your rocker". Let us know what you think.

CyberMusic, although cliché, seems to be an obvious term to describe this www music global melt. As a person who loves to see new words....It would be fun to see a new unique term....Got any ideas?

A favorite quote of mine by H.P. Newquist stated; "Cybermusic may actually be something that hasn't been conceived of yet. The marriage of technology and music may be as unpredictable now as rock and roll was at the turn of the previous century."

Or a different thought by John W. Patterson of
"The Internet or the World Wide Wait may not be 'creating a new music category' but it IS allowing and fostering the health of a hidden horde of genres whose spawn will gain strength through the nurturing of cyberspace."
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Here is a interesting quote from a lecture by Guy E. Garnett
" Cybermusic in this case will encompass all kinds of technological or technologically-assisted musical production, including such things as computer-assisted composition (where one might actually use the computer to help you in some way to compose a piece) and including such things as computer-generated sounds."

We certainly hope none of this comes across as pretentious, that is surely not our intention. It is only an attempt to communicate an idea. Just trying to be a small bit of positive energy. I know some of this might seem a little far, but it's fun and healthy to stretch the mind a little. Our hope is to create discussion on this topic to see what we as a global group can come up with.

As for the "The Earth Space Continuum" CD, our attempt was to create a globally inspired piece. An interesting comment by one of our patrons, when asked to describe our new CD, was "An other worldly time trip". The CD has a numinous freeform spirit, influenced by the balance of natural law. It is meant to create a relaxed adventurous state of music listening.

If I may, let me quote the late Raymond English description of natural law:"The natural law cannot be understood except through the elements of poetry and imagination in the soul." In China a similar concept would be [ Tao ] which was seen as an invisible but real power that organizes all life into balance...not a bad thought I must say.

We would love to receive any comments or information you might have on the development of CyberMusic.

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