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16 by 20" Archival Photo Print Each piece is signed by the artist.
"Gate Keeper"
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    "Gate Keeper"

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    "Gate Keeper"

    16" by 20" Archival Photo Print.
    I use a new technique for me. First using pencil, then-scan-print-digital brush-pencil-paint-print.
    All lines use the Fibonacci Ratio as a grid.
    Each piece is signed by the artist.

    “Gate Keeper”- by John Sosnowsky aka Sozra is a bold experiment in creating a blueprint 

    for the process of thought. It is his latest in a series of his spatial-postmodernism works designed to take you on 

    an inward, thought provoking odyssey about how you think. Gate Keeper represents how everything is one and interconnected. 

    This powerful work transcends consciousness to take you on a spatial exploration of thought.  This work depicts a visual 

    understanding of the unique frequency of energy that allows thought to maintain itself as a continuous process. John’s exciting 

    and masterful use of color, shading, linear relationships and symmetry provides a powerful context to capture the essence of 

    thought and beauty of the spirit behind it.

    Sozra's Profile Picture
    John Sosnowsky 
    Visionary, Geometric, Cymatic 
    United States 
    John Sosnowsky, aka Sozra
    Artist Statement:

    Beauty and harmony in nature are defined by 
    their simplicity and apparently effortless existence. 
    Art, regardless oftradition, time, historical 
    relevance or medium has attempted to recreate 
    and mimic nature since the first intentional 
    lines were drawn in the soil beneath 
    primitive feet. 

    As my experiences through travel, study,
    and technology would have it, the medium 
    and creative direction my art has taken spans 
    continents, religions, time and a multitude of 
    resources. In an attempt to recreate the beauty 
    and harmony I have emanating in my being, 
    my experiences and imagination have 
    converged with simple geometry, high 
    technology and ancient symbolism to bring 
    an element of timelessness and universality 
    to the piece before you. 

    These pieces are meant to evoke comfort and 
    curiosity, calm through chaos, and the 
    untraditional through convention. Enjoy the 
    juxtaposition of each piece as simplicity draws 
    you into complexity. 

    All human construct evolves from basic laws 
    of existence. In the case of visual arts, we 
    remember basic geometry. Nothing starts without 
    a point. Two points may connect a rigid line. Yet a 
    series of points can give semblance to a wave or 
    abstraction of sorts. Regardless of time, space, 
    culture or belief these are the rules we abide by 
    in our visual creations of “art”. With this collection 
    I hope to bring you on a positive, visual journey 
    that spans all that is known while remaining simple. 

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Towson 
    University, I have been working for 36 years, with my 
    wife Debby, creating and selling art at juried shows 
    and galleries.

    John Sosnowsky is a graduate of Towson 
    State University and a native Marylander 
    current residing in Frederick County. With 
    his wife Debby he has been teaching, 
    demonstrating and creating jewelry, 
    Art and Music full time for over 36 years 
    under the name Sozra Studio. He has been 
    the onsite juror of the Pittsburgh Three River 
    Arts Festival, served on the Maryland 
    Renaissance Arts and Craft Board and 
    the Artist Market Chair of the Frederick 
    Festival of the Arts. John is a Visionary, 
    Geometric, Cymatic Artist. His work is sold 
    through various juried shows, galleries and on the web.

    iTunes link: itun.es/us/W24Mh