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[NEW] Multiverse Vortex CD
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    [NEW] Multiverse Vortex CD

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    [NEW] Multiverse Vortex CD

    These Electronic Soundscapes are designed to take you through the Vortex. A positive, other worldly, sound experience.

    As my experiences through travel, study, and technology would have it, the medium and creative direction my art has taken spans continents, religions, time and a multitude of resources. In an attempt to recreate the beauty and harmony I have emanating in my being, my experiences and imagination have converged with simple geometry of sound, high technology and ancient symbolism to bring an element of timelessness and universality to the piece before you. These pieces are meant to evoke comfort and curiosity, calm through chaos, and the untraditional through convention. Enjoy the juxtaposition of each piece as simplicity draws you into complexity.