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An exploration into the origins of creativity
and the influence of sound in the process.
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A Cymatics Art Project
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Is there a connection between sound, color and creation ?

Sozra (John Sosnowsky) Composer, Artist, & Jewelry Designer

The Sozra Sound Project Statement:

"With no guidance other than the spontaneous actions of the mind (what ever that is?), we paint a 8' by 12' canvas......"

 This video explores where the creative sparks develops and what it might have to do with sound. The project combines the many techniques developed by each individual artist. To do so we hope to compressing creativity and ability into a condensed sound and visual piece."

The thought here is that there is a connection between sound, color and creation. As a
Cymatics project, scientifically sound and colors of the spectrum can be reduced to frequencies. The artists act as receptors or interpreters of the environment around them. Therefore, the artist must be influenced in varying degrees and the result will be evident in their work.

It was very important that there was no prepared design work. This created an environment for deep, pure, spontaneous creation that flowed from the mental to the physical and back to the mental... all this time under the theoretical influence of audio.

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Personal Statement:

Sound, paint, video, etc. are all just various media for the artist to use. The Idea of this project is, for the creative act to originate from deep inside and come to the surface. This is tainted by the many techniques developed by each artist, their personal experiences and growth, as well as their familiarity of the medium.

The mental limitations are bordered only by the physical abilities that are consciously developed by the artist throughout his/her life. The end rational on this project is that sound and technique, combined with spontaneity, creates a purity of the final piece.....You will have to be the judge.

List of artists (from left to right)

Sozra / Linda Van Hart / Patti Anne Battaglia / Cathy Leaycraft / Kevin Dayhoff / Dan Shapiro

Tech. Crew (from left to right)

Video Cameras & Lighting - Pat Flaherty / Co. Directed & Editing - Paul LeVally / Technical Director- Tom Forsythe / Video & Editing- Jeff Mather / Video - Gregory Whitehair / Back up Video - Dave Annen (not shown)

Still Photography - Kevin Stevens

"The Sozra Sound Project" sound track was the first version of the current space composition on our new CD...
~ To see it click here. "The Earth Space Continuum"

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